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Tuesday is lucky day at Cinema City, no matter what kind of movie you prefer. That it is a scary horror, a romantic comedy or one with adventures, a family drama, a thriller with twists and turns, something historical, with mystery, action, fantasy or an animation for children and adults. Every week you have a day just for you - when you share the day and the Big Screen with your friends or family: you have the newest movies at the lowest prices
Come to Iulius Mall Suceava to try the Goody's Burger House experience!
Goody’s Burger House is a modern casual dining place, offering the ultimate burger experience. The refreshing modern atmosphere, the unique taste footprint and the uncompromising quality of ingredients, has lead Goody’s Burger House to the top of the market in which it operates. Over the last 45 years that the brand operates, Goody’s Burger House has won the trust of consumers, combining the values of the Mediterranean casual cuisine and the strict quality and safety standards of a contemporary fast casual restaurant. Every product is prepared upon order, for our customer to enjoy a tasty and freshly prepared meal. Goody’s Burger House is the ideal dining destination for all people who want to have a casual, but delicious meal. The menu is designed in order to fulfill the needs of all types of customers, like our specially designed Junior meal addressed to kids or our non-meat burgers that are addressed to vegans. It offers a variety of burgers made of 100% ground beef with the original home recipe, as well as our signature club sandwich recipes, chicken nuggets, bao buns, original Greek pita with gyro, sandwiches and salads.
Now IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA is expanding, continuing its mission to keep the public connected to retail trends, with access to renowned fashion brands closer, new leisure opportunities and facilities that make life easier.
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