Opened in 2008, IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA revolutionized the local retail market by showcasing the cultural heritage of the region and developing a comprehensive mix of shopping, dining and entertainment.
The elements of modern architecture and distinctive design, along with the complete offer of brands recommend IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA as a top shopping and leisure destination.

The 170-plus stores, the largest multiplex cinema in the north of Romania with 8 auditoriums, food court area with a 1,200-plus seating capacity, playground area for children, Auchan hypermarket, Brico Depot, casino, seasonal skating rink, the largest bowling and billiard club in Suceava and the parking facility comprising 1,300 parking spaces are the features that recommend IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA as a location dedicated to the entire family.
IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA is defined by enthusiasm, diversity and modernity.


IULIUS Company is a real estate developer and operator specialized in mixed-use urban regeneration projects based in Romania, with 25-plus years of experience and operating in four major Romanian cities, namely Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava. The investments made in Romania add up to more than 1.2 billion Euro.

Experience also brought about the projects that have changed perceptions about lifestyle, have redefined and revitalized urban centers, and became integrated in their respective communities. This ambitious journey spans more than two decades and has started with a shopping mall based in Iași, the first of its kind outside of the Capital, opened in 2000, up to a portfolio that currently comprises more than 310,000 sqm of retail premises in two major mixed-use urban regeneration projects (Palas Iași and Iulius Town Timișoara), in the nationwide network of regional shopping malls (Iulius Mall – Iași, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava), as well as the Family Market convenience retail projects in Iași County (Miroslava şi Bucium). The retail projects are regional market leaders and record more than 70 million visits annually.

The role of IULIUS projects is to infuse value into the places where we leave our mark, a desideratum that is also supported by the development of the national office building brand United Business Center. In just ten short years, IULIUS Company came into prominence as one as the most active developers and operators of class A office spaces, building regional business hubs and creative multinational communities in three major academic centers in Romania, namely Iași, Timișoara, and Cluj-Napoca. In total there are 15 green certified buildings according to international standards with a total area upwards of 242,000 sqm, accommodating more than 80 company and 25,000-plus employees.

The projects developed by IULIUS are sustainable concepts that transcend their functional role and harmoniously blend with the identity of their respective communities. These are projects that integrate extensive gardens that bring nature close to the people, right in the heart of their cities.

IULIUS MALL IAȘI promotes a youthful and dynamic lifestyle. Constantly evolving and attuned to the preferences of its clients, IULIUS MALL IAȘI is the destination of choice of people who wish to mix shopping and moments of relaxation in the company of their friends.
Focused on multiculturalism, IULIUS MALL CLUJ provides an original mix of its multiple uses and the fondness of Transylvanian locals for art in all its forms.
IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA revolutionized the local retail market by showcasing the cultural heritage of the region and developing a comprehensive mix of shopping, dining and entertainment.
Created based on the “lifestyle center” concept and opened in 2012, the PALAS IAȘI urban ensemble is the first mixed-use urban regeneration project developed in Romania and the largest private real estate investment in the region, adding up to over 310 million Euro
IULIUS TOWN is a collection of records: the largest retail area outside of Bucharest (105,000 sqm, 450 stores), and the largest offer of class A office premises in the region (more than 100,000 sqm).
In 2022, IULIUS company diversified its portfolio and opened Family Market Miroslava, its first convenience retail project launched to address the needs of booming communities in the metropolitan area of Iași.
Palas Campus is a mixed-use urban regeneration project set to revitalize an underdeveloped central area of Iași City, namely Sf. Andrei.
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