Iulius Mall rewards your loyalty. Shopping has become more interesting with the new application Fidelity by Iulius Mall that returns 5% of the value of purchases made in your favorite stores.

Follow the 3 steps and we will reward purchases:

Step 1: Make your account here.

Step 2: Download the app “Fidelity by Iulius Mall” from the App Store / Google Play.

Step 3: Use data created on the site to log into the application.

If you follow those three simple steps, you can start shopping and get rewarded for it.

Go with the tax receipt to the Info Center in Iulius Mall Iasi and scan the QR code from the Fidelity application displayed on the phone with the video camera for identification.

You have the option to scan the tax receipt without going to the Info Center to load points, using the "Scan Receipt" function in the application. You must pay attention to the following things when entering the tax receipt in the application:

• The tax receipt must have a value greater than 20 lei

• The tax receipt must be from the respective day at the time of entry into the application

• All data on the tax receipt must be easily identifiable (receipt date, receipt number, receipt value, merchant name)

When entering the value of the voucher, the account in the application will be charged with 5% of the value of the voucher. In the case of entering the value of the voucher directly from the application by using the "Scan Voucher" function, the points will be loaded within 48 hours from the moment of its scanning. If the data has not been identified or one of the above requirements has not been respected, you will be warned by a message and the points will not be loaded into your account. We offer you, guaranteed, super prizes!


Here’s what you can win when you accumulate points, depending on the available stock:

– Vouchers worth 5 lei for a donut at Donuterie

– Vouchers worth 15 lei. You can choose to eat at Noodle Pack, Mado

– Vouchers worth 30 lei. You can choose to go shopping at Radiant and Desiree

– Vouchers worth 60 lei.  You can choose to go shopping at One Star Fashion or Burlgarini


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