Entering the Iulius Mall Suceava parking lot involves the acceptance of these rules.

This parking lot is a private area and is subject to the legislation in force related to traffic on public roads.

  • Parking is allowed between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. After 10 p.m., only the vehicles belonging to Strikers’ and Metropolis’ clients are allowed, these having a NON-STOP parking right.
  • For the smooth running of the vehicle circulation within the parking lot, please observe the indicators and the traffic markings.
  • The maximum traffic speed is 5 km/h.
  • The maximum allowed height of the vehicles under the height limiters is 2.50 m.
  • It is forbidden to park the vehicles on the access ways of the parking lot, on sidewalks and terraces, to park on the marked parking spaces reserved for physically challenged people’s vehicles, it is forbidden to gain access through restrictive access areas and to block the access ways for the utility vehicles.
  • The driver should park the vehicle only in the space marked off for it and carefully observe all internal signs in the parking lot. .
  • The parking lot is fitted with video surveillance, and the video recordings are not available for the public.

The parking lot administration waives any and all responsibility regarding the integrity of the vehicles and goods therein. Please report to the Info Center situated on the ground floor of Iulius Mall Suceava for the purpose of reporting any issues.

  • It is forbidden to leave unattended animals, flammable substances or dangerous items inside the vehicle.
  • It is forbidden to perform vehicle repairs, any vehicle maintenance activities: antifreeze or oil change or filling the gas tanks from own sources within the parking lot premises.
  • It is forbidden the access within the parking lot of the vehicles belonging to driving schools for performing of driving course’s maneuvers.
  • It is forbidden for overmass vehicles (tractors, trucks or other oversize vehicles), as well as for vehicles with trailers or the ones that visibly display malfunctions to access the parking lot for the purpose of parking for an extended period of time.
  • It is forbidden to park the vehicles sporting „for sale” signs.

For any other additional information, please contact the Info Center situated on the ground floor of Iulius Mall.

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