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Lee Cooper | KVL by Kenvelo / timeout

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Lee Cooper | KVL by Kenvelo / timeout
The most important retailer for clothing, Kenvelo is recommended for its proven quality since 2001 when it entered the Romanian market. Relying on fashion and a unique clothing style, Kenvelo distributes in the several dozen stores in Romania, a diverse range of clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Products for both him and her. Lee Cooper has been a popular brand in the world of fashion since 1908, and especially in the world of authentic denim. The British company was founded in the East End of London by Morris Cooper, and has become, globally, a pioneer of casual wear, perfect for everyday activities, but also a pioneer of quality denim, with which it identifies for more than 100 years. Thanks to this passion for denim and the desire to be true to quality, the Lee Cooper brand has become recognized worldwide and has 40 sales partners in over 100 countries. Lee Cooper has over 4,000 stores, more than 500 of which are its own stores, and the success it enjoys is growing, with each passing year the company announcing growing profits. And, even though the pieces in his collections are perfectly anchored today, Lee Cooper never forgets the three pillars on which he built his identity: the British spirit, work culture and music, offering his audience clothes that perfectly combine them all. the three. Timeout has evolved as a reaction to the impersonal style, imposed by large corporations in the fashion field, which seek to make a profit, rather than creativity and freedom of expression. Therefore, in creating each clothing item, our designers are guided by quality and originality, not by volatile trends, so that TIMEOUT becomes the favorite option in the wardrobe, for as long as possible.
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