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Expert Sistem

Expert Sistem provides customers with fire detection systems, access control systems, burglary detection systems, video surveillance systems, smart house systems, gate automation and video intercom systems.

       Expert Sistem in Suceava has extensive experience in the field and has marked over time a number of important achievements. Many companies have benefited from the professional services offered by Expert Sistem.


      Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems contain fire detection and warning equipment with the help of signals coming from smoke detectors, temperature detectors and manual fire warning buttons.


     Access control systems

The Access Control and Time & Attendance systems offered by Expert Sistem are optimised to the Client's requirements and locations, providing an increased degree of control of personnel and their access to specific areas.


    Video surveillance systems

Protect and monitor your home remotely with professional video surveillance systems.Expert Sistem deals with the installation of video surveillance systems, which are designed to monitor your home or business in real time, subsequently storing recordings to ensure protection. Video surveillance systems are part of the best technical security solutions.

-Video Surveillance Systems

-Analogue and IP surveillance cameras;

-DVR/NVR (digital/network) video recorders

-Monitors, multiplexers and capture boards


     User media:

-Residential spaces;

-Commercial spaces;


-Financial-banking institutions;

-Office spaces;


Expert Sistem has installed and commissioned surveillance systems for a large number of clients offering them the modern security solution.


       Smart house systems will make your life easier and more convenient. Who wouldn't love to be able to control lighting, entertainment and temperature from the comfort of their couch? Whether you're at home or on holiday, a smart home will alert you to what's going on, and an integrated security system could be a huge help in the event of an emergency.


       Door automation systems

Safety and security are important aspects of any home. A gate automation system is a must when your residential gate can be the main barrier between you and people you don't want on your property.


       Video intercom systems

Protect and monitor your home remotely with professional video surveillance systems

The role of an intercom and video intercom system is to find out the identity of the visitor, to communicate with the person outside the property before they have access. The video intercom system will give you the opportunity to see the person requesting access.

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