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Iulius Mall Suceava (the “Mall”) is a private domain and is subject to the legislation in force, and these Rules shall apply to all visitors to the Mall, in all the areas thereof, including without limitation to: inside and outside the Mall, parking facilities, office buildings, and access pathways adjacent to the Mall. Entering Iulius Mall Suceava means acceptance of the provisions of these rules.

The Management of the Mall drafted these Rules in order to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all the customers. Iulius Mall Suceava reserves the right to select its visitors and to prohibit those who violate the provisions of these Rules from accessing the Mall or driving outside the Mall. Visitors are liable for direct and indirect damages caused on the Mall premises, to the owner, tenants, employees, visitors and partners of the Mall and/or any other third parties.

The business hours of Iulius Mall Suceava are from 10:00 to 22.00, except for the premises with special business hours, which are indicated on the website of the Mall. The business hours may vary during legal holidays and may be amended by the Management of the Mall, being notified to the clients via the website and/or other physical means (posters, flyers).

Rules of conduct in Iulius Mall Suceava:

1. Access
2. Attire and behavior

3. Allowed/forbidden objects

4. Luggage


5. Video surveillance and recording, photo-video shooting

6. Miscellaneous activities

Any other activities outside of visiting and/or normal use of the facilities offered by Iulius Mall Suceava, such as but not limited to: advertising actions (distribution of flyers, placement of posters, signage, banners or other forms of signage, broadcasting of audio or video spots), questioning visitors, offering samples or invitations, organizing and conducting events, shows, artistic performances, concerts, flash mobs, market research, questionnaires, fundraising, election campaigns, may only take place upon due notification to and express consent from the Management. More information can be obtained from the Information Center.

7. Parking

The parking spaces may only be used as per the terms and conditions of the Iulius Mall Suceavaparking rules available at These rules include provisions such as:

The Management of Iulius Mall Suceava may amend and supplement these Rules whenever they deem it necessary.


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